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    Belisarius, although none of the charges brought against him could be proved, was removed by the Emperor, at the instance of Theodora, from the command of the army in the East, which was given to Martinus. The command of the Doryphori8 and Hypaspit?9 of Belisarius, and of those of his servants who had distinguished themselves in war, was by his orders divided amongst the generals and certain of the palace eunuchs. They cast lots for these soldiers, together with their arms, and divided them amongst themselves as the lot fell. As for his friends and the many people who had before served under him, Justinian forbade them to visit him. Thus was seen in the city a piteous spectacle which men could scarce believe to be real, that of Belisarius simply a private individual, almost alone, gloomy and thoughtful, ever dreading to be set upon and assassinated.

    But stragling plots which to and fro do ronne

    ‘Monsieur Gazan has not signed the list,’ cried Picheral’s sharp falsetto.

    “Well,” said Diamond, “mother says I should be obliging. Still it is rather hard. You see, the north wind will blow right in my face if I do!”

    Blair sat at a corner table in the downstairs bar of Red, the new cozily romantic Perry Street boutique hotel, drinking Absolut and tonic and trying not to watch the coverage of Fashion Week on the Metro Channel. It seemed like every time she looked up they were showing the same clip of Serena prancing around the runway at the Les Best show wearing her school uniform and that stupid I LOVEAARONT-shirt. Even in the bar, she could hear people murmuring, ?Who is she?? and ?Who?s Aaron?? It was enough to drive Blair right up the red velvet?covered wall. ?I wore my Yale tie this time,? Owen announced with a sly grin as he strode through the door wearing a tan Burberry trench coat and a black wool fedora hat that made him look even more manly and dashing than when she?d first met him. He slid into the red velvet?covered bench next to Blair and kissed her on the cheek. His face was damp and cold from the storm, and the feel of it against her face made her whole body tingle. ?Hello, gorgeous.? Instantly Blair forgot all about Serena. She was with a sexy older man who called her ?gorgeous.?So there. ?Hi.? She twisted her ruby ring around and around on her ring finger. ?I?m sorry I dragged you out on a night like this. I was just so . . .bored .? The cocktail waitress came over and Owen ordered a Bombay Sapphire martini straight up. He pulled a pack of Marlboro Lights from his pocket, put two cigarettes in his mouth, lit them both and passed one to Blair. His black eyebrows furrowed with brooding concern as he gazed at her with his piercingly bright blue eyes. ?You?re not in any trouble, are you?? Trouble?Blair took a drag off her cigarette and considered her answer. If you could call having a crush on your older, married Yale alum interviewer trouble, then yes, she was interrible trouble. ?Maybe,? she replied coyly. ?Are you?? The waitress brought Owen his martini. He ate the green olive floating inside it and then wiped his mouth with a cocktail napkin. A trace of dark five o?clock shadow cloaked his sharply defined chin. ?I was in a breakfast meeting this morning, eating Cheerios with five other lawyers, and I was thinking about you,? he admitted. Blair ran her fingernail over her fishnet-stockinged knee. ?Really?? she asked, immediately wishing her voice didn?t sound quite so eager and hopeful. Owen raised his glass to his lips, his blue eyes smoldering. ?Yeah. I?ve been so crazy busy this week, but I promise I?ll get that report over to the guys at Yale ASAP.? ?Oh,? Blair responded disappointedly. She twirled her little brown cocktail straw around in her drink. For once she hadn?t even been thinking about Yale. Being with Owen made her feel like she wasbeyond Yale. She was his ?gorgeous,? the star of his show. Or maybe she was only deluding herself. Glancing through the paned glass window behind them, Blair could barely see the cars parked out on the street. They were just masses of white, like big, dumb sleeping elephants. She could feel Owen watching her as she puffed on her cigarette and blew a stream of gray smoke into the air above their heads. He?d asked to see her again, hadn?t he? And he wouldn?t have done that if he wasn?t attracted to her. He was just nervous, that was all. Inside Blair?s head, the cameras were starting to roll. She was the femme fatale seducing the handsome, good, older lawyer. Yale was the last thing she wanted to talk about right now. She took one last puff on her cigarette and then stubbed it out in the chrome ashtray in the center of the table. ?I almost went to jail once,? she announced, trying to sound intriguing. This wasn?t exactly true. A few months ago she?d stolen a pair of cashmere pajamas from Barneys? men?s department to give to Nate as a surprise gift when they were having problems. But when they?d broken up for real, Serena had convinced Blair to put the pajamas back. She?d never even gotten caught. Owen chuckled and picked up his drink. He was wearing gold cuff links with a blueY stamped on them to match his blue-and-gold Yale tie. ?See, you?re just the kind of girl Yale needs,? he joked. ?And I?m a virgin,? Blair blurted out, fluttering her eyelashes at the randomness of her remark. It was strange. Even though Owen was extremely dashing and she really wanted to see what it felt like to kiss him, she was a little afraid of what she was doing. ?I?m sure Yale needs more of those, too,? Owen laughed. He crossed and then uncrossed his legs and Blair could see she was making him nervous, which wasn?t what she?d intended. She reached under the table and slipped her small, trembling fingers over his warm, tanned hand. ?I don?t mind if you kiss me,? she murmured in a low, breathy voice that sounded exactly like Marilyn Monroe inSome Like It Hot . Owen put down his drink. ?Come here,? he said gruffly, wrapping his free arm around her and pulling her toward him. His chin was rough and scratched Blair?s face as they kissed, but she?d never been kissed so expertly and powerfully in all her life. Plus he smelled faintly of Herm?s Eau d?Orange Verte, which was her all-time favorite men?s cologne. Blair had thought she?d be plagued by guilt the moment their lips met.He?s a friend of Dad?s, she reminded herself.He?s old. But Owen was such a good kisser, now that he?d started, she wasn?t about to make him stop.

    The may born of Sigurd.

    But Bobby was obstinate. Finally Johnny, in disgust, left him to his own devices.

      The door was opened to him, not by the old man with whom he hadexchanged amenities on the previous night, but by a short, thickfellow, who looked exactly like a picture of a loafer from the pagesof a comic journal. He eyed Fenn with what might have been meant foran inquiring look. To Fenn it seemed merely menacing.

    "I will give you the order, with pleasure, madam."Words cannot express how soothing and delightful it was to find, at last,somebody who could do what I wanted, without sending me from Dan to Beersheba,for a dozen other bodies [Page 19] to do something else first. Peace descended,like oil, upon the ruffled waters of my being, as I sat listening to the busyscratch of his pen; and, when he turned about, giving me not only the order, buta paper of directions wherewith to smooth away all difficulties between Bostonand Washington, I felt as did poor Christian when the Evangelist gave him thescroll, on the safe side of the Slough of Despond. I've no doubt many dismalnurses have inflicted themselves upon the worthy gentleman since then; but I amsure none have been more kindly helped, or are more grateful, than T. P.; forthat short interview added another to the many pleasant associations thatalready surround his name.


    As he said this there flew into the cave the great bird that is called the Ph?nix. I may not describe her to you, O King. She flew to the fire of fragrant-smelling woods and she held herself above it. She fanned the flame with her wings, and the fire rose up and caught her breast. Then the bird sank down on the fire, and we saw her burn under the eyes of Chiron the Centaur. The flame died out, and what we saw of the bird that burned, and the wood that made the fire, was a heap of ashes.

    “I know . . . I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to help it anymore.”


      注释① 谦恭,原文humble。我的朋友筋斗云告诉我,它有两个意思:1.having or showing a consciousness of one's defector shortcomings,not proud; not self-assertive;modest 2. low in condition,rank or position;lowly ;unpretentious.它的词根来源是Humilis ,(low ,small ,soil ,earth)。所以它有土壤与土地之意。humble 有差点、低级点的意思,也有做谦词的,以前见过"蓬壁增辉"有译成"in my humble house "。另外"In my humble opinion "也常见。

    But where are its sublimer trophies found?

    "You need not apologise," the young man answered. "One who receives your smile would be ungrateful indeed if he asked for more. That alone would render the darkest spot radiant with light and welcome to me."

    "She is not free in that sense."

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